The Goat King ready for action!

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The guest of honor arrives.     Adding Coals to the Pit           Bruce keeping a watchful eye on the pig                 MarkPig.jpg (124422 bytes)                   AddingCoals.jpg (134221 bytes)                 PigCooking.jpg (104538 bytes)   


Flipping the pig          Still in Control           Starting to loose it a bit      Successful flip, but middle is sagging

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Mark, Gary, Bruce                     Mary, Bruce, Ellen, Mark             The Bodini, Shirley, Ellen, Bruce, Mary

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 SS.jpg (127958 bytes)   Mark had a 4' x 8' sheet of stainless steel made up, with a two inch lip (corners open for ease of clean up) on three sides. This can be used as a cover, cutting board, warming or serving tray, grill or to slide under the grates, saving  the day, when the pig starts to fall.


Crisping skin on the burn down pit.       Now where did those tong go?             Pig after picking.

CrispingSkin.jpg (129206 bytes)                                        Flame.jpg (124963 bytes)                          ssAfterPicking.jpg (117360 bytes)


Stainless is a breeze to clean.      The Goat King having a bit of fun.                    Goat King's Yard 

ssEasyClean.jpg (132449 bytes)                               GoatKingCleanSS.jpg (121767 bytes)                                  Yard2.jpg (138624 bytes)


Room for a few more BBQ Pits? :)      Mark's 'Pig Tail Smoker'                           Pig Tail

Yard.jpg (141492 bytes)                                PigTail2.jpg (131892 bytes)                                 PigTale3.jpg (150812 bytes) 


A job well done kiss from the Goat Queen                            

MM2.jpg (28766 bytes)                                      The End!  TheEnd.jpg (16035 bytes)      


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