This is John's interpretation of Jack's exploitation of what really happened at the Fall "Q-Fest 2001" in the Cosmopolitan city of Glenrose Texas. Any discussion, reprimands, lawsuits or any other acts of malcontents should be directed to and sent to the attention of the owner of this web site. Jack will deny having any knowledge of it, and John was only trying to help get the word out.

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glenjackcar2.jpg (34070 bytes)This is how Jack's mind envisioned himself just before leaving for Glenrose.

Glenrose1.jpg (73878 bytes)Entering the suburbs of lovely downtown Glenrose Texas.

glenmotorinn.jpg (68135 bytes)We arrived at the Glenrose motor Inn at night, I don't think it looked this good in the daytime.

glenjack.jpg (46567 bytes)This is how the Glenrose Motor Inn clerk saw Jack as he was asking for the Q Fest discount.

glenmotelceiling.jpg (114295 bytes)This was drawn on the ceiling of our room, someone who stayed here before must have had a lot of time on their hands...not a bad job though.

glenmotelview.jpg (19882 bytes)This was looking out of our patio door, this was beginning to look like the start of a good time.

glensigntrouble.jpg (103554 bytes)The next morning as we approached the entrance to the grounds where the Q-fest was to be held, I noticed this sign and realized there was trouble brewing in Glenrose if any attention was to be paid to signage.

glenbigjimribs.jpg (86331 bytes)Big Jim is smokin big time, ribs, meat loaf and Pork Butts I think.

Glenbill.jpg (57446 bytes)Bill Martin was collecting money for the Q-fest and also
getting some large donations for the local orphans home. At least that is
what he said, we could never pin down for sure where the money was going.
Oh, and by the way Bill, congratulations on that new Klose Catering rig you
took delivery on shortly after Q-Fest.

glenwomencourt.jpg (95443 bytes)Never could figure out what they were saying to be
having such a good time, probably just commenting on how lucky they were to
be hooked up with such nice cookin fellers like us.

glenmeatmarketpig.jpg (68176 bytes)Well, the first day ended great and I was full as a tick.Decided to take a walk and check out the stores in downtown Glenrose. Notice the full hog in the window, they know how to do it up right in Glenrose.

glenmarkethams.jpg (128002 bytes)We went inside to check out their board of fare, it was a lot bigger than it seemed from the outside, look at all those hams.

glennightlife2.jpg (49804 bytes)Now it was time to check out the Glenrose night life, you had to be a clever guy like me to find this place, it was at the end of a dark alley behind the courthouse. I sure needed that establishment on the left after stumbling out of those other places.

glenjackresting.jpg (108692 bytes)Well, I don't remember how this fine set of affairs came about, but I never made it back to the Glenrose motor Inn that first night. Damn my back hurt after dozing on concrete all night. Wallet was gone, but still had my pride.

glendavidfamily.jpg (89922 bytes)Met David Bleeker's family, that little girl won Jana's heart.

glendavidfamily1.jpg (98764 bytes)Won 10 bucks off of David by betting that his little girl couldn't reach around him.

glendavidspriggs2.jpg (62835 bytes)David Spriggs  Looks like he is checking out the events.

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